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My Story

Growing up Kertrina Dauway struggled with low self esteem. She spent the majority of her young adult life wondering why people could not see her as a talented young lady who simply wanted to give.  It seemed the harder she tried to be accepted the harder she was not. She found herself having to water herself down in order for others to feel comfortable. A classically trained pianist, she was raised by well educated parents. Kertrina also knew she had talent in singing and speaking. Her love for people garnered her accolades in corporate America because of her ability to relate to clients and build trusting relationships. Yet personally because of the shadows of her past she felt isolated. She always helped others realize their full potential. She realized as long as she was helping everyone else and not helping herself as well, she would not fulfill her own potential. 


Kertrina had a meeting of the mind one day and chose to change the narrative. 
She chose to define who she knows she is.  She chose to believe in her God given talents. Her decision to believe in herself did not come without resistance. But she was determined to live, to thrive in her gifts.  She went on to become Emcee, of the world famous House of Blues Gospel Brunch Dallas founded celebrity Dan Akroyd where she is also known as Singer Lady Diamond. Kertrina also went on to become a successful business development consultant. Later on in life, she launched the You Can Live Again movement that empowers individuals to move past their struggles and thrive. Mid 2021 Kertrina also launched the inaugural You Can Live Again Awards Gala celebrating individuals who use their life experience and skills to help individuals LIVE!



"Together we encourage individuals to be results-oriented in their respective lifestyles and careers. We help YOU believe in YOU! Our enthusiasm is contagious! We know what it feels like to have to start over or to struggle with believing in yourself. Many have suffered a loss in some way. We empower YOU to believe! YOU CAN LIVE AGAIN”

You Can Live Again is a for profit US-based organization with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They are a group of people who empower men and women who have experienced life struggles to find their place and purpose in life. Through the tenure of this organization, they have helped improve many lives.

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